SIM Card acquisition?

I would like to install a SIM card but am not sure what to ask for from a phone company. do I simply ask for a SIM card and they will know what I need? Also is it easy to figure out where to add it to the equipment?

Hi Jack - Welcome to the forum!
Where in the world are you? There are lots of partners on here who can help with SIMs and data if needs be. What device have you got?

Physically you need a mini / standard SIM which is the biggest a SIM can be without being the size of a credit card.

From a data perspective - where you are matters. Some operators have specific M"M SIms for use in routers, others let you use normal Voice SIMs and allow ‘tethering’ which is how they see the use of data only, others still have just data sim plans for ipads and routers. SO it all depends on where and which operator you are talking to.

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Thanks for the quick response. I am not sure which model I am getting. It is being installed in a travel trailer. The trailer should be delivered soon and I wanted to be ready with the appropriate SIM card so that I will have WiFi. I will find out more from another owner who is nearby. I live in NJ by the way.

You should take look at this site loads of really useful info there about trailer / RV based connectivity.

Personally I always recommend the Transit Duo (either dual CAT12 modems or single CAT 18) have a look at this video here to learn more.

One thought on the size of the SIM card: you can get a sim adapter kit for under $10 such as Micro/Nano SIM Card Adapters, 26 Reviews This allows you to put a nano sim in a mini/standard sim slot. It is a tiny bit fiddly, but if you don’t plan to move the sim very often (like a couple times a year max) then it’s not a big deal. The advantage is that you can put the smaller sim in the larger slot fairly easily, but not the other way around, so if you might need to ever troubleshoot in the future putting the sim into a different hotspot device that has only the nano size, you can.