SIM A to B switchover on checks fails?


Is it normaly that in case modem with SIM A can connect to 3G/4G network but due to balance status on it smartcheks fails on it and Papwave MAX HD4 don’t switchover to SIM B?

Hello @wavemag,

Loadbalancing should not have any impact on the failover functionality of the cellular modem.
It might be a configuration issue, have you chosen to use ‘Both SIM’s’ at the Cellular Settings?

Which firmware are you using?
I would also advise switching to DNS lookup, instead of Smartcheck, and ping Google DNS servers ( and

Hope this helps!

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FW: 7.0.1
WAN CHECK: SmartCheck with default faluer
All 4 cellular WAN has same priority and are bundled to speedfusion
Cellurar SIM setting are confifured as you show.
In my scenario SIM A chossed connected. LTE show connected stated.
Device recevice IP & DNS setting from mobile operator. WAN CHECK fail but no switching to SIM B.
Ok. I will try to change WAN CHECK senting and check SIM selection,
right now as workarond I allow SIM B only.

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Thanks for the feedback.
Keep us up to date on the test with DNS lookup!

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WAN health check failed should immediate trigger the fail over for the SIM slots. Please open a support ticket here if you found the fail-over is not triggered.

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