SIM A to B switchover on checks fails?



Is it normaly that in case modem with SIM A can connect to 3G/4G network but due to balance status on it smartcheks fails on it and Papwave MAX HD4 don’t switchover to SIM B?


Hello @wavemag,

Loadbalancing should not have any impact on the failover functionality of the cellular modem.
It might be a configuration issue, have you chosen to use ‘Both SIM’s’ at the Cellular Settings?

Which firmware are you using?
I would also advise switching to DNS lookup, instead of Smartcheck, and ping Google DNS servers ( and

Hope this helps!


FW: 7.0.1
WAN CHECK: SmartCheck with default faluer
All 4 cellular WAN has same priority and are bundled to speedfusion
Cellurar SIM setting are confifured as you show.
In my scenario SIM A chossed connected. LTE show connected stated.
Device recevice IP & DNS setting from mobile operator. WAN CHECK fail but no switching to SIM B.
Ok. I will try to change WAN CHECK senting and check SIM selection,
right now as workarond I allow SIM B only.



Thanks for the feedback.
Keep us up to date on the test with DNS lookup!


WAN health check failed should immediate trigger the fail over for the SIM slots. Please open a support ticket here if you found the fail-over is not triggered.