SIM A/B consumption



I’m trying to collect automatically the consumption per SIM on HD devices.

Currently the only way I found to have a detailed consumption is by logging on the device and going into Status/Bandwidth/Monthly then selecting each SIM of each WAN.

I’ve looked into the SNMPwalk results and it is not obvious where I could find this. Could you tell me which field it is if it is present or another way to perform this data collect?



Hi PG,

Do you think InControl2 can meet your requirements?



I would have believed that via SNMP would have been the simplest for Peplink, but it is not the most convenient for us.

Via the web interface, I doubt it. We want to collect per SIM data consumption of all groups, it would take some time to do it manually.
If it was available via the API, it would be the best.


Hi PG,

SNMP is the best option now. You may download here if needed.


Well back to the original question then…

Where is it in the MIB?


Hi PG,

2 OIDs below:-

WAN network transmitted bytes

WAN network received bytes

Please take note you need firmware v6.2.1 GA which to be available in June. You need to enable SNMPv2c.



Please warn me when the firmware is available. Or is it simply the offical 6.2.1 release?

I havetested snmp v3 and only found the DL and UL for the WAN and not individual simcard consumption



Please warn me when the firmware is available.

I havetested snmp v3 and only found the DL and UL for the WAN and not individual simcard consumption



Any news on the possibility to read sim A and sim B consumption via inControl?
Maybe via the sim pool, the possibility to download a CSV with the detailed consumption per IMSI?



Yes, the SIM pool usage report is the solution. We will add CSV download option for the reports to mars and the coming release of ICA in next week.



The sim pool export will include the list of imsi’s with their individual consumption?



I thought you would have to define individual custom pool for every IMSI. Then you could download a SIM’s usage by clicking the new download link in its corresponding pool.

But then I think it may not make sense if you have hundreds of SIM cards and you treat each SIM card individually instead of pools. So we will also add a UI control. You will be able to input multiple IMSI’s and choose a date range. Then it will generate a CSV file of each inputted IMSI’s daily usage in the selected days. What do you think?


Sounds good. The possibility to use wild cards would be of great use as IMSI’s usually respect a numbering rule.
Linked to this request, is there anyway InControl could work based on ICCID’s instead of IMSI’s? We need ICCID’s because this is usually the number visible on the physicial sim. IMSI’s are much more difficult to get in the provisioning process.

Thanks !


Wildcards could be supported.

ICCID support will likely not be available in the coming ICA release. But we will look into it. In the meantime, I suggest you to go to download a CSV file of a group of devices. In the file, you will find IMSI and ICCID of all cellular WANs of the devices. It allows you to lookup an IMSI from an ICCID.


Ok nice. If possible, make it available in the API directly.