Signal Strength Logging on MAX Series Devices

In deploying large numbers of geographically dispersed routers signal strength is going to be an issue at some locations. In many cases the issue is due to a local facility issue. On occasion however the issue can be carrier / cell tower based. It is often intermittent. It is impossible to get a carrier to respond to intermittent cell tower performance issues without supporting signal strength data. On Cradlepoint AER series products this is quite easy to provide as the devices log the signal strength. They can also provide graphical log output via the UI. Adding this capability would be a valuable assist in large deployments. It would also provide parity with the principal North American competitor.

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Could this be what you’re looking for?

You can find this in InControl on product level, under ‘Reports’ > ‘Celular Reports’.
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This does provide the info I am seeking for devices being managed by IC2. My particular problem is that I have a large number of small business, single location users without IT staff. They don’t see the value of IC2 (they also don’t have technical staff). In those cases where we are having intermittent issues we could insist that they utilize it for problem isolation purposes, especially as these types of issues tend to be identified at or soon after initial device install. Bedankt!

Another way to do it is by putting all the units you sell in your own InControl 2 cloud.
If they don’t see the added value, you might aswell put them in your own InControl cloud.

This might make life easier for you when there is a problem to be looked at, without having to be granted access first.
This way you can just offer your customers the 1 of 2 year InControl extension for Velocity and MAX BR1 devices after the first year and make them pay for it, to keep it cheap and simple.
If we’re talking about Bluechip devices other than the MAX BR1’s, you will have to use Extended Warranty after the first year to extend InControl access.

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Unfortunately I have legal limitations that have to be considered. The customers are tax services and they do not want me to have access to their devices. It is similar to health care - there are serious privacy concerns. They will not use WiFi to connect their workstations to the MAXs for similar reasons (I know they could encrypt the info but they are not technically knowledgeable). It is a challenging customer set but there are over 3,000 of them. Danke noch einmal (I’m sorry for the German but my Nederlands is limited).

I get that, if it were private customers it would have been easier.

No worries!
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I have even considered sending out a Cradlepoint for test purposes. The problem is not getting it returned. These customers are located all over the United States. In Holland oder Österreich wäre es einfacher.