signal drop on max transit cat 18

I have a max transit cat 18 on my boat in a marina. I also installed a weather station and connected to the internet with the max transit. The weather station continues to drop offline. I did not connect the wifi lead from the antenna to the max transit so it would not switch to the marina wifi signal. But I suspect that the max transit is switching to the weak marina wifi signal which causes the station to go offline. Is there a way to ensure that the max transit does not switch from the celluar signal to the wifi signal?

Set the priority order of the connections on the GUI by dragging them to the desired order, set it to a lower priority than the cellular connection or if you want to rule out its use entirely disable WiFi WAN entirely. Remember to do this for both the 2.4GHz and 5GHZ WiFi WANs.

There should be log entries if that were the case, maybe check to see if they correlate with the times the weather station disconnected?

With regards to the antenna, generally speaking you should not have a radio powered on without an antenna connected to it, instead disable the WiFi radio in software if you don’t want to use it either as a WiFi WAN or an access point.