Shutdown Balance Device Using CLI Command

I was wondering if there was a guide that walked someone through the CLI. I am specifically looking for the ability to shutdown the device via the command line in the event the backup battery it is connected to drops below a certain level.

I would have a scheduled task running on a Windows machine that would connect via SSH and execute the command(s).

Does anything like this exist?


You can’t using CLI command to shutdown the device.

You can refer to the CLI SSH Command Reference guide for the supported CLI command.

Thank you

Would the ability to perform a shutdown via the CLI be something you guys would be able to consider for a future update?


I have moved the forum threads under feature request. This will allow Engineer team to consider the feasibility.

Thank You

Maybe you can consider to introduce a e-mail notification feature that sends out warning message when power supply voltage is lower than predetermined value (10 V, for example)? We have also outdoor installations with battery backup and this information would be useful for security reasons.

Would it be possible to offer a shut down option across the whole range?

Could be executed by;
-Web GUI
-Voltage drops below x
-Contact closure
-Email from allowed addresses

Also an option of restart from the above options

Thank You