Show usage on the active session

Hi Peplink, is it possible can add in one more features like show the usage of each of the active session?For example; you show the active session to user, but you cannot tell this session consume how many bandwidth.If it can show it will be great for us to do troubleshooting and identify the bottleneck. thanks.


The client list can give you about all traffic bandwidth (IN&OUT) from a specific IP address.



Hi Paul, too bad in the client list it only can show that particular user consume how much bandwidth but it wont tell it accessing what apps, protocol or etc.

hello ,
The client list tables in upper Picture can send to syslog ? if can send to syslog you can use other tool for analyze it

We can grab this by SSH to Balance. It is as simple as executing a ‘get session’. We can script this for stats or further analysis too.

I would say yes in this features. IN & OUT bandwidth and active concurrent connections. to easily monitor who are the biggest bandwidth eater.

so when u all going to add in this features? in which firmware?

any idea how to do that?

We are evaluating this feature request, laitonglek. We will share the news here once we have some update. Stay tuned.

hi peplink team, so far any consideration to put in the features that i request earlier?
where so far in version 7 still only can see the active session idle time, but it cannot show how much bandwidth it consume on that particular session, if can have it will be fantastic. :slight_smile:

Dear peplink team, so far any consideration on this? Hopefully can see this features as soon as possible.
it will be very useful when we do troubleshooting, where we can know which session is actually congest the link.

hello bro,

do you know how i can kill these sessions? it’s possible? I believe that this is an output from the same source, but for different destinations, I want to use another wan link.