Show port connection speed

While troubleshooting our WAN connections on firmware 7.0.0 on a Balance One, I could not find any place in the GUI that shows the current WAN port speed. I’d like to request that it be added to the “Details…” pop-up on the Dashboard, and/or the Device Status page.

Along the same lines, it would be handy to show the current port speed and connection status of each of the LAN ports on the Device Status page as well.

I second this request.

Recently, spent quite sometime trying to find problem with remote location’s internet speed issues. Along with wasting time of involved ISP.

Had PepLink WEB Gui shown status of WAN Ports, would have seen that WAN-1 port speed was reduced down to T10 (Half-duplex) speeds, instead of normal T1000 speeds.

The WEB Gui should show Modem Port status, WAN & LAN Negotiated Speeds/Mode and number of Transmit/Receive Errors.
An option to temporarily look at either current Mbps speed or Percent Usage of individual ports, would be useful.

Hi RenegadeTech and AstiRusty,
Although it would be useful within the main web GUI as well, I believe you will find the information you are looking for on the support.cgi page.

To access the support.cgi page, once on the device web GUI, remove everything from the address bar past MANGA/ and replace it with support.cgi.
For Example:

This lists port status, speed, errors, dropped packets etc.

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That would have been a really, really, really nice piece of Info to have when trying to remotely determine why everything appeared normal, yet encountering very slow (less than 1 Mbps in some cases) speeds.

PepLink needs to make that “support.cgi” available from Status page.

Still suggest that PepLink add Port Speed/Mode to Dashboard WAN-X “Details” Pop-up.
Or put a “Flag” by Red/Green Status indicator to warn Admins that Port has been switched (or is running) at less than Optimal Speed.

Again Thanks!

Related to this…

Have you ever used flood ping to test from local computer on LAN to PepLink router, and test from local computer on LAN through Peplink router to Internet Modem attached to WAN?

I tried this both during problem and after resolving problem (replaced Balance One router with new one) and I could not tell a difference in results from flood ping.

From what I read, other people had been able to find network Computer, Switch, Router, Server, and Modem failures using flood ping.

Thanks in Advance