Show internal SIM signal strength and status?

Is there a way to show the signal strength and what technology the sim is connected with, eg: UMTS etc and signal strength, or for example if the sim shows as “not registered” as some equipment can do so you immediately know its a sim issue not the router?

I’ve been through the menus on the MAX HD2 I’m testing and cannot see this information, have tried GUI and CLI.

The advanced details of the cellular connection will be coming back in the firmware 6.2.1 release, please stay tuned.

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I’m looking for this information too (something like SNR in particular). Is it still true that the cellular connection details will be available in the 6.2.1 firmware release? Can you tell me when that release will happen?

Also, how about the details on the WiFi WAN, is that available now? If so, how do I get the SNR or similar details? If not, will it be available in the near future?


I didn’t mean to sound so demanding…I misread the post thinking it was from 2010, not last month. Still, if you have any more information I would appreciate it.

Hi all,

Cellular band can be show in v6.2.1. Please find the screen shot below.

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Is this new feature still in development?

I just loaded version 6.2.1 Beta of the firmware and see the new OIDs reported. I don’t see the value reported for the Cellular connection though, it reads as -9999. I see one (non -9999) value reported for the Wi-Fi WAN connection.

The Cellular interface I’m interested in is #4 so is this the right OID,

Which of the values should I expect to read there: RSSI, SNR, or RSRP? and will the others be available for cellular and Wi-Fi?


I believe you are monitoring signal strength for Cellular LTE connection & this will be available for firmware 6.2.1 GA.

wanSignal = . (Please refer to the WAN ID available for different product model)

The value will be monitor as below:

Cellular WAN: RSSI (3G/LTE)
Others: -9999 (means signal strength not applicable for the WAN)

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Where can I find the cellular signal strength screens in the interface? I see a screen shot posted in this thread showing cell 1 and 2 but haven’t been able to find this screen

Are you referring to Cellular Signals ?

When you click details (2) then it will bring you to this page:

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