Show applied licenses in partner portal

Hi Team,
This is more of a feature request for the partner portal for distributers and partners.

It could prove very helpful in RMA and troubleshooting cases to know if devices have had licenses purchased and/or installed. Currently the only way we know to check is through IC2 which will only show if the license is applied and only if the device has been online and checked into IC2 after the license is installed.
When device replacements or upgrades take place, it would prove extremely useful to be able to see through the partner portal if licenses have been purchased / applied that way when the replacement is provided we can ensure the proper licenses are also applied to the replacement.

It would also be very useful for us and end users to be able to see what feature activations are installed by looking at the device itself on the feature activations page even something as simple as below.


I second this feature request; it is difficult to manage licences without maintaining a separate list and the licence info should be easily available to pull out of the database on the device management screen on the Partner Portal.