Should I buy a Max Transit 5G?

Just asking the general community on their thoughts. Some sellers have advised against it, but my idea was that I don’t want to get stuck with a 4G device. The seller is telling me there are too many bugs with 5G. Is this an issue with the Max Transit 5G or jus that the 5G network is still growing?

I have a Cat 18 Max Transit and 4G LTE-A can provide more bandwidth than device can handle right now - 400Mbps Routing / 100Mbps SF / 60Mbps SF Encrypted. So I’m considering the BR1 5G as my next possible upgrade, or waiting for a new version of the 5G Max Transit that has more CPU horsepower. If I was buying myself today, (as long as your happy with the speeds above), I’d go with the Cat 12 Max Transit as it has the fewest issues with the carriers. That’s my 2 cents, I’m sure there are a lot of opinions. I live in an area with No Internet services, so I feel lucky to get 100Mbps of internet.


I just recently purchased a Max Transit 5G and am using TMO + AT&T and am very pleased. Haven’t had a single issue yet.

Thanks guys. I really appreciate the feedback! The lack of processing power worries me a bit. I’ll have to keep doing my homework. Cheers, Chris