Short (5-6 feet) LMR-200 or LMR-195 SMA/SMA jumpers: Sources?

When I switch my buddy’s installation to the Poynting XPOL-2-5G antennas we’ll have a problem: With 15 feet of coax we’d be obliged to move the modem up to about 15-20 feet off the floor. Not a show-stopper, but not particularly convenient for access.

Plus: The higher we mount it on the wall, the warmer it’ll be in summertime. Semiconductors + heat = bad.

I think the little additional attenuation hit we’d take from adding 5-6 foot extensions wouldn’t hurt much. Problem is: I can’t find anybody that sells short LMR-200 or LMR-195 SMA Male/SMA Female extensions.

Anybody have any recommendations?

I’ve half a mind to try to buy the coax, myself, and the crimp-on connectors, buy the appropriate die set for my Paladin crimpers, and fabricate my own.

Have you checked out

Is this what you are looking for:

Or they have beefier cables too.

I can’t vouch for them personally other than fast shipping, I have only ordered one cable from them and haven’t used it yet but have heard good things.

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Thanks, @marcs, I’ll take a look… after I recover from this weekend’s trip to the site and back :slight_smile:

Yikes! $37 for a five-foot cable? I think we’ll just keep the 15-footers from our Peplink vendor, I’ll cut 'em to length, and re-terminate them myself–all for a fraction of the cost.

Thanks for the pointer, anyway!

I’ve done lots of coax cable termination over the years, between my CB radio, Ham radio, and 10base2 (coaxial Ethernet) days :slight_smile:

Turns out I even already own the correct die set for crimping the ferrules–from when I had to lop-off the connector for our boat’s GPS antenna coax to route it through a cable gland on the transom, and re-terminate it.

mpd digital makes custom size cables

i think they solder too, you dont just want to crimp

Thanks! I’ll look into them.

That’s what I once thought. Then I found out properly-executed crimps are regarded by many to be mechanically superior to soldering–particularly in applications with environmental and mechanical extremes. Found that out when I looked into an extensive boat rewiring project.