Sharing physical port resource as business, is it practical using Peplink products?

Assuming i have own a physical port in some service provider with MPLS connect to multi-service. I have 10G bandwidth, available accessibility to all kind mainstream cloud (google, aws…etc.) and 100M internet bandwidth. Now, i would like to share my resource to many little start-up business companies who can’t afford the dedicate physical port. Can i link a Peplink router (End A) to my physical port, then i convince all start-up companies to purchase another Peplink device (End B). Based on End A, End B and some software platform, using VPN technology over layer 3, can i share my physical port resource as business and provide every company users related service?
If it is feasible, what Peplink device can be recommended?

I assume you mean can you give out a public ip to each downstream business?
Is this in the same location or different locations?
How many customers are you trying to support?