Shared Bandwidth Notification utilizing IC2

Hi Team - We just received an excellent feature request that will benefit many as data purchases continues to transcend from single device to multiple devices on a shared plan. Is it possible, using IC2, if all devices within the same group could have a total shared bandwidth notification? For example, Group 1 has 20 BR1-LTEs in it. The shared plan for this group of 20 devices is 200MB. On average that is 10MB per device. But not all devices and deployments are created equal. So instead of being notified when each individual device nears 10MB the group as a whole would be notified when they approach 200MB of total usage across the defined group?

Please let us know as this will be a very important feature for data usage monitoring moving forward.

Thanks and we look forward to hearing back from you on this.


Hi Mike,

Thanks for your suggestion. It does make sense. We will implemented it in a future release of firmware and IC2. The system will not only notifies when the shared quota reaches a certain level, but also could optionally stop routing traffic to the WAN when their usages reach the shared quota. It should be available in late Q1, 2016.


Hi Michael -

Thank you very much for the update. We look forward to seeing this. If you need anyone to test please let me know. I have the perfect candidate for it.

Take care, Mike