SFVPN/PepVPN tunnel IP address?

HI we see traffic with source IP 5.192.x.y onto the LAN from one of our Balance series and I suspect it could be that the source address is assigned to a SFVPN tunnel endpoint. Has anyone else seen such addresses and can you shed any light on what is its, why it might be leaking onto the LAN side?

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Correct it is a “virtual” interface IP used for SF/PepVPN.

I also encountered Virtual IP.
How can your work around it in order to transpose the virtual IP to the destination IP

Why do you need to transpose the virtual IP of SF/PepVPN to the destination IP?


I got a Motorola relay which is able to see this IP connected to it ?? (we go through PepVPN)
Why this IP is visible from LAN ?


An issue was discovered when port forwarding to servers located at remote PepVPN sites. The source IP gets incorrectly translated to the PepVPN virtual IP address when going through SpeedFusion and this will be corrected in 6.3.2 firmware.