SFE Cam - Dual-Cellular Bonding for Professional IP Cameras



We are proud to introduce our most specialized product yet, the SpeedFusion Engine Cam! The SFE Cam is designed with the reporter's needs in mind. It integrates seamlessly into the IP camera via Gold Mount or V-Mount and Ethernet LAN. For increased durability and unimpeded movement, the SFE Cam's antennas are integrated into the enclosure.

The end result: instant, dual-cellular SpeedFusion Bonding for professional IP Cameras!

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Is this compatible with the SIM Bank?

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Jon, it will be compatible with Fusion SIM/SIM Injector. We plan to add out-of-the-box support for SFE Cam with the next FW update.

If you have customers requiring it now, please drop us an email with details, we can prep a special FW accordingly. Tks.