SFC Traffic Steering Priority vs Outbound Policy

I’m using a Max BR1 Pro 5G at version 8.2.0 build 4961, and have SFC configured, with a number of Advanced → Outbound Policy rules.

But there is a dedicated “SpeedFusion Cloud” Tab in the Web Admin that has similar but not completely overlapping features. For example, it provides. a simplified interface for directing a single client, WiFi SSID or application type through one of the cloud tunnels.

Will rules work from either method, and if so, what order are they evaluated in? I like the idea of adding a single Microsoft Teams or Webex rule, rather than writing a bunch of Outbound Policy rules for all the port ranges and protocols for that service.

The “power” in what you want to do lies in “Outbound policies.” This is a very powerful feature. Go here …

The rules are interpreted from t op down. As soon as a rule “fires” subsequent rules are ignored.

Sorry, let me clarify: SupposeI use the Speedfusion Cloud tab to “Optimize a Cloud Application”. Will this mapping to one of the tunnels be performed before the top rule in Outbound Policy? Or after the bottom rule?

Turn on expert mode
The Grey bar that can not be moved is where the SFC policies are applied.
If you want to override a SFC policy, then move your obp rule avobe the grey bar.


Holy cow. Rockstar answer.

Because it doesn’t have a ‘grabbing edge’ I thought it was just a table header but yes, I absolutely am able to drag OBP rules above it!

Thank you much, Jonathan.