Several ways to power - Max transit duo

I want to learn about the ways you can power the Max Transit.
What I understand there is redundancy between the green aux socket input and the DC barrel input…
With this in mind, is it possible to use a battery on each input, aux socket and DC barrel, to gain uptime?

There are also dual 5v USB inputs to power the max transit, what I can tell also offers redundancy between them.
Are there redundancy between the USB supply and the ax and DC barrel supply?

How does the failover work between the supplies, is there some kind of comparison of the input voltages?
If i use two batteries to power the max transit, is the failover function going to alternate between the two batteries relative to the discharge curve/voltage drop of the same batteries?

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You can use all power inputs at the same time. Failover uses a powerpath controller so is simultaneous. Highest voltage wins but sources are shared. So if you were to connect a pair of 5V usb batteries and a pair of 12V batteries the 12v batteries would drain first equally / at the same time, then the 5V batteries would drain next.



Does this mean that we double the capacity/mAh when using two 12v batteries in each of the dc inputs?

Yes it does.