Setup Inbound Load Balance between ZoneEdit and BPL710

Anybody tried configure the Inbound Load Balance between ZoneEdit and BPL710? I need some advice please.

Any pro here can help?

Hello Stevenp,

It sounds like you are trying to setup the Balance 710 as the authoritative DNS server for your domains and are using ZoneEdit as the current Registrar that handles your domains ? you would need to point in zonedit to the balance 710 IP’s that are set as as the dns servers found under “Network”-> “DNS settings” and then the dns server - after that you can configure the default SOA / NS Records
once that is configured you can setup your domain by clicking “New Domain Name” and enter your domain
from there you can then enter in MX records, A Records etc.

here is a link that shows some examples

I hope this helps


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