Setup Guide for FusionHub & AWS Cloud WAN



FusionHub on AWS can establish SpeedFusion connections between AWS VPC and on-premises Peplink devices. AWS Cloud WAN Core Network integration allows on-premises networks in different worldwide locations to connect through AWS Cloud WAN.

From the point of view of network architecture, the difference between AWS Cloud WAN Core Network and AWS Transit Gateway are:

  • Cloud WAN Core Network is a global network (really a WAN) while Transit Gateway is a regional router. (Setup one Core Network vs setup Transit Gateway in every region)
  • Core Network supports BGP routing, and the routing can be exchanged across the different regions(Core Network Edge). Transit Gateway requires setting up an inter-region peering connection and BGP is not supported on inter-region peering.

This guide contains instructions to:

  • Create AWS VPC for FusionHub
  • Create Cloud WAN Global network and Core Network
  • Configure GRE and BGP on FusionHub

# **Prerequisite**

The user who would like to deploy FusionHub on AWS with AWS Cloud WAN should have some basic technical knowledge/know-how in the areas listed below:

  • Understand the operation of SpeedFusion/PepVPN on Balance/MAX and FusionHub
  • Understand how to use InControl 2 (
  • Understand the FusionHub license model. (Software license of FusionHub is free for 1 SpeedFusion/PepVPN Peer, it is required to purchase the license from our eStore if requires to connect more than one SpeedFusion/PepVPN peer)
  • Understand the concept and know how to operate the Amazon AWS Marketplace, EC2, VPC, Cloud WAN (
  • Understand the requirement for FusionHub on AWS and what charges will be incurred by AWS, depending on the different type of instance and region.

# **Sample Deployment Diagram**

In this example, US Branch and EU Branch networks will be connected to the nearest AWS Region via FusionHub over SpeedFusion. The FusionHub on the AWS device does have GRE tunnels to connect to AWS Cloud WAN. As Cloud WAN is a global network, it supports BGP natively. Therefore, on-premises US and EU subnets can be communicated over AWS using AWS Cloud WAN’s feature.

Full Setup Guide

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