Setting Wan Prioirty

Pepwave noob here. Is there a way to prioritize wan’s within the same priority category on the UBR LTE?


I am using the repeater wan and Sim card 1. When they are both in Priority 1 the sim takes priority over the repeater. My current repeater wan is faster than my sim 1 but all devices are running off of sim 1 because it sits higher in Priority 1. I can’t drag the repeater wan over the sim wan, and when I bump the sim wan down to priority 2 is goes to standby. I know I have to use the fusion cloud to bond the connections together, but it seems that I am still only running on Sim 1 when running my computer through to the Fusion Cloud.

I am also using a Verizon hotspot on the wired wan which takes top priority when in Priority 1 over sim 1 & Repeater Wan, which I don’t want unless it is the strongest signal where I am.

So basically, I want all connections active in priority 1 through fusion cloud, but I want to set the priority based on the speeds where I am. Is this possible, or am I way off base here?

Hi @Dustin_Moore The best bet to control how outbound traffic is sent out different WAN and SpeedFusion connections is to use outbound policy. There you can dictate traffic flow pretty granularly. For instance, you could allow a particular PC to fail over to your hotspot on WAN 1, but not allow other LAN clients to use the WAN by excluding it from other outbound policies.

Here’s a great explanation of the different outbound policies and some example use cases.

It’s worth noting that When there is more than one outbound policy they are implemented starting at the top of the list. The first rule that fits the traffic will be the rule that is followed, so you’ll want your ‘fine tuning’ rules near the top and your broader rules toward the bottom.