Setting up Wifi Mesh with Balance One WIFI and SOHO MK3

Howdy folks!

I am having an issue setting up a wifi mesh using Blanace One WIFI and SOHO MK3.
Has anyone successfully done this?

Here’s what I did:
Created “MeshTest” using 5 GHz and passkey on Balance one WIFI.
Created “MeshTest” using 5 GHz and the same passkey as on Balance one wifi on SOHO MK3.
Enable “MeshTest” in both routers.

There seems to be no change showing up to indicate this mesh is working.
Both Balance one and SOHO MK3 show no Mesh /WDS activity under Controller Status. They just show blank status like this.

So my question on this is “has anyone successfully create a wifi mesh using Balance one and SOHO MK3?”.

And on the side note, I have been running Balance one and Soho MK3 as integrated WIFI APs. I.e. I have the drop-in mode enabled for SOHO MK3 without NAT and DHCP relay agent is enabled on the SOHO MK3 so IP addresses can be assigned from Balance One.

I have a separate SSID created for SOHO MK3, but all the client connected to the SOHO MK3 Wifi SSID gets the IP addresses from Balance one.

I haven’t set up what you are trying to do specifically; but I had some troubles with a mesh between 3 AP AC One Minis and 2 AP AX Ones. The mesh works fine with like devices, but there is some kind of issue with broadcast traffic not being forwarded (best I can tell) when I tried unlike devices.

I believe that a mesh will only be created if one of the devices in the mesh does not have a wired path back to the gateway. i.e. surf soho shouldn’t be attached via network cable.

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