Setting up VPN on Peplink balance 20

In the Network section of peplink balance 20, I create a v.p.n using the pep.v.p.n . However; under status it stated that it is starting rather than saying established. This is something I need assistance in setting up , mainly because I need to access this router remotely and because the v.p.n. is not set up properly coughss I cannot.

Also is Peplink balance 20 capable of running CyberGhost VPN? If so, please replied with instructions thoroughly.

As to the VPN “starting”: What message to you see on the OTHER Peplink router when you see “starting” on the one in front of you?

CyberGhost: No. I’d be curious as to your use case wherein you find that PepVPN is insufficient.

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Under status next to the VPN, it states “Starting”. Could you walk me through that?(referring to setting up the pepvpn).

PepVPN is a secure (AES256) router-to-router VPN. My question is: What message do you see on the other router? “Starting …?” Answer this question and I’ll take you step-by-step to get it working.

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Ok, I im going into the profile to edit it. Can you please walk me through as I tell you what they ask for

Please reply as soon as possible

To use PepVPN you would set it up on two Peplink devices (to create a VPN between them).

Sounds to me like you want the Balance 20 to connect to an online VPN service to protect your internet traffic. You mentioned Cyberghost - I can’t see a way to use that (I have a CG account also and have tried).

Instead I would consider hosting your own VPN gateway appliance. You have a free license for Fusionhub (solo) that you can use on any virtual hosting platform pretty much. I host a lot on @ $5/month and they work great.