Setting up Speedfusion SSID with external AP


I have been running a Maxwave router on our boat setup with a seperate SSID for the Speedfusion link. I have just added a AP one rugged to the setup and am using the External AP control. I disabled the AP on the Maxwave as I want the maxwave dedicated to gathering signals from Wifi as Wan and the cellular connection.

I’m now only using the AP one as the acces point. This did copy my normal SSID automatically but it hasn’t coppied the Speedfusion link. Anyone have any way to set this up? I read something about using the vlan options but can’t figure out how to set it up.

Giving some hints on which steps to take would be greatly appreciated.

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I’m struggling with the exact same issue- any progress?

Its probably quicker to show you.
I’m PM you with my email, if you add me to your InControl account I’ll do the config and record a screengrab of me doing it so you know what I did.


Can someone share the configuration on how to get this to work. I have a similar issue

Can you share how you got this to work, as I have a similar issue. Thank you. - Kevin

Can someone post instructions for this? Since I started using SpeedFusion Connect Protect nothing connects to my pepwave AC One Mini except the one device that I don’t want going through SFC Protect (my Apple TV). So the AC One Mini has become practically useless since it seems only the integrated AP on my Max Transit Duo supports SFC Protect via wifi. How do I do this? I’m not familiar with creating VLANs but am not afraid to do so if someone can just give some basic instructions to work around this issue. I want my external AP connections to be able to go through SFC Protect.