Setting up SpeedFusion for bonding

My goal is to bond 2 cell SIMs into one connection, or in this case one cellular connection and one Wifi. There are no other branch locations, or other Peplink devices. I activated IC2 as well as setup a SpeedFusion cloud. However the VPN does not want to connect, as I am not sure what to enter into ‘remote ID’. Is there a tunnel connection I need to setup or something else I am missing here to setup bonding?

Your speedfusion cloud is connected you don’t need to do the PepVPN/SpeedFusion profile bit (that’s for when you host your own Fusionhub appliance in the cloud or when you have another Peplink appliance).

Instead click on the SpeedFusion Cloud menu item at the top of the screen and then either choose which clients you want to use the SF Cloud or which applications:

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I turned the VPN off, and started a new Cloud connection. Still does not seem as if it is actually bonding the two.

I am wanting the entire connection to be ran through it, not any specific devices or anything.

Navigate to Advanced > Outbound policies. Add a new one that looks like this below then click save and apply:


Okay I got that, ran a speedtest and its coming up the same. However it was showing a different server than before.

To check. Go to now the rule is in place and you should see an external IP that does not belong to you.

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That is correct. However I just am not fully convinced its truly bonding the two, is there anywhere that actually shows the status of that?

Is this correct? It says *Missing tunnel (1)

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Actually I think that was from when I had the VPN going

very likely.

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Is that all that is necessary for it to bond the connections? Like Im saying I am just not fully convinced its fully working as it should be.

Go to Your Status page on your router, then click SpeedFusion. You should see an entry there for SpeedFusion Cloud with a graph button image click that. You’re now watching graphing for data flowing over the SpeedFusion Cloud Connection. Run a speedtest on a device - can you see the traffic showing on the graph? If so its working.