Setting Up SpeedFusion for Bonding - Need VPN setup?

I have a Max Transit Duo with a Mark 7-in-1 antenna. I’m running an AT&T sim and a T-Mobile sim (and WiFi when possible). I’ve been trying to set-up SpeedFusion for my work PC and my personal PC, especially using WAN smoothing for VoiP on the work PC. I think I have everything setup correct; however, I did not setup the VPN connection - Is this necessary for the SpeedFusion to work correctly? I setup a Hot Failover Tunnel and a WAN Smoothing Tunnel and I also direct connected the two PC’s to the clouds. I also setup an outbound policy rule for any VoiP application to run through the WAN Smoothing Tunnel. I am really just unsure if I have this setup correctly. I’m not seeing much speed increase, so I’m thinking I do not.

Is there a way to see what devices are running through the SpeedFusion Tunnel?
How does having the two cellular connections in Priority One effect the use of the wifi outside the tunnel?

I know less than enough to be dangerous and just want solid internet in our new home on the road.

Thanks to all in advance for any time and effort spent helping out this noob.