Setting up speedfusion cloud profiles

I am using transit mini with the latest firmware 8.1.0 build 4926. It is ok to set up a wan smoothing profile with all 3 wan at first priority.

However the bonding profile can’t be set up without the red notice as shown below.

I do not know why wan smoothing needs to be on in order to use the same priority for multiple wan. Is this a bug?

The Transit Mini Supports Hot Failover (1 Link at a time) and WAN Smoothing (Same Traffic down all Links). The Spec sheet does not list WAN Bonding (2 Links Aggregated), so I think that’s why you are seeing what you are seeing.

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That is not good. I wonder if I could go to dashboard and drag multiple WAN to priority 1 to kind of “bonding” them without speedfusion cloud.

If you do the Weighted Balance option under outbound policy, there will be some applications like Netflix and Prime Video that use 4 individual data streams, so they will give you an aggregated performance, but it won’t be true for every application.