Setting up SpeedFusion - a real tutorial?

I’m new to Peplink and looking forward to setting up SpeedFusion for our portable video streaming kit.

I started on the Balance 20x control panel, and then after verifying my e-mail, ended up on another computer setting up InControl (which I don’t really know if I need it)

The 20x control panel does not have the SpeedFusion Cloud tab that’s referenced in this setup video that’s on the SpeedFusion page:

But at just 38 seconds into the video, he says “When you first register that license, that’s what’s going to expose this tab here… So if you haven’t done that, check our forum out, there’s a registration process, so you can get the demo set up…”

So, uh, the walk-through video says check the forum for some other setup information that’s actually absolutely required to even get the SpeedFusion tab to show up so it can be configured.

So I search the forum for SpeedFusion setup, Demo, etc and I’m not seeing it.
With thousands of posts, it seems just a bit nonsequitur for the SpeedFusion Walkthrough video, ON the SpeedFusion page, to NOT include THE step that’s absolutely required to get SpeedFusion activated, so someone can administer it.

Maybe my search-fu is not good, but until I can figure out how to activate SpeedFusion using the forum info I can’t find, the Walkthrough is useless.

Recommendation: Have a second video on the Speed Fusion page called “First Time Setup” that tells newbies like me how to do the first time setup.
Then after I have it set up, I can watch the Walkthrough video.


Thanks for your suggestion, we will take it into account in our continuous improvement processes, regarding the issue of SpeedFusion Cloud, initially you must bear in mind that your device must have a firmware version 8.1.0 or higher, that may be the reason why which does not appear this tab. I send you the link where you can download the latest version available or if you prefer you can do it from Incontrol2. Just in case you still do not know how to update your device, I also send you the link where they explain how to update your device.

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