Setting up SIP for Nortel IP Phone 2004 on a Balance 210

I want to configure my Peplink Balance 210 properly for my SIP phone. I have a dual WAN setup with Comcast and AT&T Uverse in Florida. I need SIP traffic to stay on one WAN once communication begins.

I have a Nortel IP Phone 2004, model NTDU92. When I look at “Active Sessions”, I see these ports are being used:

51012 rtp

28000 rtp
51000 rtp

What is the best way to configure my Peplink? I see I can setup an “Outbound Policy” and a “rule” set to “enforced” with the MAC address of the IP Phone. However, I don’t know how to enforce on inbound traffic. How would I do that?

Another way I see, is to go through the “Service Passthrough” section. However, under “SIP”, it looks like I can only set three custom ports. Would I enter source or destination ports, or both? In “Active Sessions”, I see 3 source ports and 6 outbound ports. Do I need to add only the source ports or do I need to add all 9 ports?

Also, do I need to set custom firewall rules?

Thanks in advance for help.

If you use the outbound rule based on MAC address, by nature this will keep the inbound traffic on that connection as well. You may want to consider using the Priority algorithm instead of enforced in case there is an outage.

thanks for the information, I’ll set up an outbound rule with the priority algorithm.