Setting up Polycom RealPresense behind a Speedfusion VPN

Looking for some help getting a polycom realpresense windows client to make a receive video conference calls behind a Pepwave MAX HD4 MBX.

The requirements to make this soft client send and receive calls are these open ports:
TCP 1720
TCP 3230:3250
UDP 1719
UDP 3230:3285

I have set this up on a simple network and put these port forwards in place and had success.

However, with these same rules on my Pepwave MAX HD4 MBX I cannot get calls to function properly.

My setup:
Pepwave MAX HD4 MBX
Using Wifi and 4 sims for outbound connection to a Speedfusion VPN connecting to a Fusionhub hosted at AWS.

I have 4 services setup in the Advanced/Port Forwarding section of my router matching the rules specified above.

I also those same for services setup in port forwarding on the fusionhub at AWS.

Where have I gone wrong?



It would be good to see your port forwarding rules to comment what is happening but in general if you want to access open ports of nodes at remote site via SpeedFusion concentrated at FusionHub, you don’t need to define the rules twice (unless you use SF with NAT mode).

Try those:

  1. Run ping to your Windows station IP from FusionHub. It should be reachable
  2. Check firewall on AWS console if your ports are allowed
  3. Enable port forwarding on FusionHub like this
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