Setting up PepVPN - Finding Remote IP Addresses?

I am new to VPN and I feel like I am missing something simple. In the instructions on how to setup the VPN it says to fill out the “Remote IP Address / Host Names (Optional)” with the WAN1 and WAN2 IP address(es). How would I go about finding these IP addresses? Is this just the external WAN-IP, so there could possible be 3 addresses ( Cellular, WAN and WI-FI WAN )? Do I just find it using something like ? Thanks in advance.


Depending on the device that you have you will use the public IP address that is on the dashboard of the pepwave/peplink device, may need to go into the details section of the WAN connection depending on what device you have but 1 Public IP is required to establish a connection.

Thanks for the quick reply. That is what I currently entered but I still couldn’t connect. What I forgot to mention is that the two MAX BR1s are on a cellular connection threw Verizon. After talking to another person it sounds like Verizon blocks incoming traffic since I don’t have a static IP with them. I will look into upgrading our accounts to static IPs. In you opinion do you think this is why it is getting hungup on creating the tunnel?

That is exactly the reason the tunnel will not come up, at least one side needs a public static IP or valid DYNDNS address.