Setting Up Multiple VLANs

I am looking for guidance for configuring a Peplink Balance 305 to support 30 VLANs which will be connected to 30 access points with individual SSIPs for an apartment building.

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  1. In Balance 305 UI create the VLANs. Use a memorable numbering convention (ie VLAN 1-30 with subnets - turn off inter vlan routing.
  2. Connect the LAN port of the B305 to a managed 48 port switch
  3. Setup 30 ports on the switch to be access ports for each respective VLAN (ie port 1 for VLAN 1, port 12 for VLAN 12 etc)
  4. plug the APs into each of these 30 ports.

Of course depending on the APs you could just use VLAN tagging so you wouldn’t need to configure the access ports on the switch, but users will be users, and I would expect one of them to unplug your AP and plug in their own. By using access ports on a switch (and not trunking the other VLANs on those ports) even if they do plug in their own APs / devices those will also be restricted to the same VLAN as the original AP and so isolated from the rest of the network…