Setting up multiple AP's using Pepwave Pro's



I’m looking for advice for the ideal way to setup up a wireless access across a site, allowing wireless access to a LAN. We have purchased 4 Pepwave Pro’s per site, with the idea of setting them up in the corners (where they will all be wired to the LAN). Users will be using tablet PC’s to access the network and will be moving around regularly.

My question is what is the ideal setup for this case scenario, where the AP with the strongest signal is chosen. I’m under the impression setting up the Pepwaves to use the same SSID allows this but will only switch AP upon either disconnection or really low signal, which isn’t ideal.

It may be we have purchased the wrong the wrong hardware or simply need to buy an AP controller.



Will you be using – or CAN you use – a Peplink router to control the APs?


We currently have not purchased a router for this setup, but it does appear one will be needed here.

Therefore are you able to recommend a Peplink router for this scenario?

I’m assuming we can then use your AP Controller software, to control the APs as attended.

Thank you for helping


Hi @efarrellrapiscan. It’s difficult to recommend a model without a lot more information, but you can find a cogent comparison of the Balance line of routers here — . All have an AP controller built-in and even the “lower end” devices will very nicely control 10 APs. The capability to control APs is “built-in” to the routers – no software to buy.