Setting up for Cellular Bonding HD4


Was wondering what is the best way to setup the HD4 for cellular bonding? We are transferring large amount of video in a remote site with 4G network and will need to bond multiple sims together.

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Hi Vsbom,
Please ensure that for each connection there isn’t more than a 40% difference in bandwidth and no more than a difference of 150ms in latency.

To configure bonding you start with creating the SpeedFusion VPN tunnel. Within the tunnel’s profile you can configure different priorities for your WAN connections. To bond the 4 cellular links with the HD4, set all 4 of these to the same priority.

Please note that bonding isn’t a 1+1=2 due to some overhead with the VPN and cellular factors such as varying latency and bandwidth available at the specific tower at that time across the 4 SIM cards.



Thanks Cschlegel,
In that case I’ll need 2 device running with SpeedFusion? What is the cheapest option I should get?



or speedfusion solo hub which is free i believe

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Use a free FusionHub Solo license to host a virtual appliance in the cloud, then Do SpeedFusion Bonding to that from your HD4.

  • Assume you are planning to use the HD4 at the video transmission end yes?
  • What bitrate is the stream?
  • Will the HD4 be stationary or mobile during the streaming session?
  • Where in the world are you?