Setting up a Static IP on the WAN

I have a Pepwave BR1-Mini LTE and the unit works great. We requested a Static IP from our ISP and got it , but I am not sure where to set that up i our unit?

Are we talking about the Ethernet WAN connection or the cellular connection?

We are taliking about the Cellular connection. Our ISP as assigned us a Static IP making our units easier to remote into.

Hope its not a public static IP. I hate the idea of public IPs on cellular WANs.

Either way, public or private static, the ISP will allocate the IP to your by identifying your SIM cards ICCID as it connects to a custom APN so that when your BR1 requests an IP using DHCP it gets allocated the right thing.

If they have only just done it, you might need to restart the cellular WAN to get it to reconnect to the ISP again to get assigned the new IP. You can check it by clicking the details button next to the cellular connection on the dashboard (and /or by checking the Cellular WAN IP and InControl detected IP in InControl).

Sometimes the ISP will assign you a private IP but configure 1:1 NAT between it and a public IP - which is why the ‘InControl detected IP’ can be useful.

I made a video about public IP addressing and APNs a while ago you might find of interest.

Thank you this information! I will be heading to the location with the Pepwave and reboot the unit. When I was on site last week it was not working and I suspect that may have been when they changed the Cellular WAN. I will also take a look as the video!

Bob Perry

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Its worth checking with your ISP if the APN needs to change to support the static IP - often it does.