Setting the date on Balance 30

I’ve just installed a Balance 30 and it seems to be working fine but I’m having a problem with the reports. There are some dates from 2010 with no data which are skewing the graph (see below). I’ve had a look through the forum and the manual but can’t see a way to fix this. Any ideas?

Hi Stuart - this seems very weird. I recommend to do a factory reset and proceed from there.


Hi Stuart-

Keep in mind that if you do a factory reset it will wipe out all current data as well and you will start fresh.

If you want to retain the data from 2/16 onwards, we would need you to enable the remote assistant feature and open a support ticket here:


This is an known issue in old firmware. Stuart upgraded the unit to latest 6.1 which fixed the issue and we also helped to remove the incorrect bandwidth usage manually.