Set location via API


I’m trying to use the PUT /rest/o/{organization_id}/g/{group_id}/d/{device_id}/loc api call, i get a 200 OK back but when i look in incontrol the location of the updated device stays the same.
I send a PUT to with this payload:
{‘data’: {‘location_list’: [{‘timestamp’: 1593590236, ‘lo’: 0, ‘la’: 0, ‘sp’: 17.7792}]}}
and i get this response:
The organisation id and location is modified to post here.

What am i doing wrong here?

The usecase is that the devices are installed on ships, not all of them have the gps antenna installed so i want to send location data from their AIS to incontrol.


There was a bug in the “Update device’s GPS location” API.
[put] /rest/o/{organization_id}/g/{group_id}/d/{device_id}/loc

It should be fixed now, please try the API again.

You may need to update the previous data again if necessary.

Thanks for the reporting.

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Now it’s working.


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