Set a proxy on Balance one

It is a big problem that there is not any way to set a proxy server or VPN server on Balance One (v 8.1.0) for users to pass the ISP filtering! is it real or I need help?

You can use L2TP VPN client on the WAN of the balance one, or Speedfusion Cloud, or host your own Fusionhub Solo license in AWS, Vultr, digital ocean etc)…

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can you explain it more please

Three options today:

  1. Use a commercial VPN provider that supports L2TP
  2. Host a free Fusionhub VPN appliance on a commercial host (eg vultr $5/month).
  3. Use Speedfusion Cloud - a hosted VPN service from Peplink

Soon there will be a 4 option. OpenVPN client is being added to the Peplink device range, but details are not yet available.

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Thank you martin for your help


there is no way to use a proxy for the balance users. tried first and 3rd option but it doesnt work at all.
please focus on my problem, I need to set a proxy or VPN on the balance to bypass the ISP filtering for the balance users

What country are you in?

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The Middle East, Mostly Oman

What didn’t work? Did you connect to the Speedfusion Cloud successfully?

Do you know of a commercial VPN service that does work in Oman?

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yes the proxy is working well on my pc,
I want to use it in the balance that all the devices can go throw that proxy