Service provlem

I have the max transit duo pro and cell slot 1 works well with first net. I have been to tmobile and Verizon and none of them, when looking up the imei, say that their plans are compatible with this router. Rather than simply using only one cell provider with first net, are there any plans that will work?

Oh jeees, I hate to hear stories like this. Where to begin? ;<(

I am assuming you are in the USA – where the cellular carriers are, quite simply, a mess. (One would think every carrier here has an active “sales prevention department.”) When you have a moment, search/peruse the Forum and you will see many similar discussions and issues (which have generally been resolved, BTW.)

In the interim, perhaps I can throw out a few comments:

  • Your best help will be provided by the Peplink Partner from which you required the router.
  • Each carrier is “different” but our experience is that the best results are usually obtained by visiting a company-owned (not franchised) store. There is a difference.
  • I am quite certain your device has been approved/certified by AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile.
  • Ensure that you are using a data, not “phone” plan/SIM with your router. Sometimes the latter plans/SIMs work (and those cases have been discussed in the Forum) but don’t expect this. In general, one must use a plan intended for use in a router. If you try to start up service with the “wrong” plan and provide the IMEI of your router it will often fail.

Let us know …

Go to ebay and search for “Verizon Jetpack” or “T-Mobile hotspot”…these are official devices… once you find one that exposes the IMEI in the picture - grab that IMEI then order a new SIM card using that IMEI. This might sounds like wrongdoing… but the fact is your still paying the going rate for the service. The carrier shouldnt force you to jump through hoops by playing games and saying your IMEI is “incompatible”, cuz that is BS!