Service based outbound policy?

Balance One has 3 WAN and I would like to force traffic on a per service-base to wan 2.
For example in the attached screenshot we have a Bittorrent like traffic: Screenshot by Lightshot
What rul can I create to move all “Bittorrent” traffic to WAN 2?


The Bittorrent service as shown in screenshot is not the service ports (Network ports) that use by the bittorrent application. Bittorrent service is learn/inpect when the application established by Layer 7 packet inspection service. So you can’t create outbound policy to enforce the traffics.

The service field as shown in the active session table is just a extra information for the user that the connected session is generated by what application/protocols.

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Can I limit traffic for this? For example assigning a low priority?


You can use QOS to to set the Bittrent as low priority application. Please refer to the attached screenshot.

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Ahh I see! :slight_smile: I will try this! Thanks a lot

@sitloongs ,can I ask you how do you start configuring settings in a multiWAN environment?
For example, what are the best practices? What general rules do you set before entering a more granular and in depth setting?



There are no best practices guide for the deployment as each network environment as it own requirements that need to meet. So you need to familiar the available features and define the policy base on the requirements.

Generally, the default rules should allow you to “plug & play” the device into the network and after that you can start to deploy the policy base on the network requirements.

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