Serveral Questions about GPS and fleet managment and privacy protection

Dear Peplink support,

I have gotten the following questions from a costumer maybe you can help me with them?

  1. Is it possible to get the fleet management onwards to another system? (servers from the costumer).
  2. What if the connection drops? Will the fleet management still work. (will it backup gps data and push it back to server when connection is restored)?
  3. How well is the privacy of persons protected in IC2.

Awaiting your reply

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  1. Is your customer wanting to host the system in their own servers instead of the public cloud? We are offering a InControl virtual appliance solution. It is a VM image running on VMware ESXi or Microsoft HyperV. You can download the setup guide and images from HERE.

  2. When a device is out of reach of the IC2, it will buffer about 3 minutes of GPS data locally. It will send the data back when it re-connected to IC2.

  3. Different organizations’ data are segmented into different logical storage. An organization’s data is only accessible by the organization’s administrators. Administrators are authenticated by a password an optional 2-step password. An organization could enforce administrators to be authenticated with a 2-step password before accessing it.


hi Michael,

thankyou for your fast reply this helps out alot!

Wouter van den berg
FrontierBV Netherlands

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