Server stopped responding

I’m trying to log into the peplink router admin but i am receiving the following error message “server stopped responding”. But, have no problem surfing the internet so the WiFi is working.

I did change the security to HTTPS. Which I have a feeling is causing the issue. If it is this how do I determine the web admin port to log in through?

Any suggestions?

Hi. If you have not changed the port or address you should be able to get it to from the LAN side at, if it is a Balance series router. (Use the address on the label on the bottom of the device.) That does not work?

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I assume you mean physically plugging in a computer.

Should not make any difference as to whether you use wi-fi or ethernet. But personally? I’d use ethernet if possible just to eliminate the wi-fi sub-system as a factor.

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Sorry to ask, do you simply mean typing “” (taken from the bottom of the router) into title bar on the browser window. This is causing the same situation.

Hi. Although we don’t know what model of device you have if the label on the bottom says and you have changed nothing else except to require HTTPS, you should be able to log in from the LAN side by typing in your browser. If that does not work the next step is probably to reset the device to factory config and start over.

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Worked out how to get in, by adding 443/ (default port address) at the end of the IP address e.g.

Hmmm. Probably not. But if that address works for you – great! :drooling_face:

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