Server failover

we have a Peplink Balance 210
so here is my situation we have two ISP and two servers.
the two servers are identical in there behaviour but only one as to proccess data.
both WAN should go only to the prefered server, and if the server fail, go to the other one.
we have a dns failover so traffic only come from working prefered ISP.

we tried the WEIGHT feature in network services but it seems to do loadbalancing and we don’t want that, as all traffic as to go to prefered working server. and swicth to the other server only if prefered server is down.

how can i achieve that on the peplink balance 210 fw 6.3.1 build 2256

thanks by advance

You can’t as the Peplink does not monitor LAN side server health, so can only distribute inbound connections using weighted load balancing and is unaware as to the production status of those servers.

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