Server Behind Balance One

I have a Fax Server right now connected directly to my Cable Modem and the server is assigned a public static IP. This server talks to hundreds of audio codes ata’s.

I understand after talking to Jason that the Balance One doesn’t act as a DMZ. I need to Know step by step if possible how to set up the Balance One if I put my Fax Server behind the Balance One so that all of my audio codes ata’s can still communicate with my Fax Server.



It sounds like you would just need to be the ISP modem in bridged mode and create a NAT Mapping. If you have additional public IPs then you would go to Network>WAN: at the bottom you will assign the additional public IP’s to the WAN interface of the Balance. Once done then you would just need to go to Network>NAT MAPPING and tie the additional public ip to the private IP of the fax, that way it will forward all ports from that public IP to your fax machine.

Awesome thanks, No Outbound Policy? And just as an FYI, these audio codes ata’s are programmed with a string that has the public static IP from our cable provider that is assigned to this server.

If you need it to go out this particular WAN and you are in a multi WAN environment then you would need to create a outbound policy rule using either the priority/enforced algorithm and define the source IP (Private IP Address that the FAX machine is getting assigned by the Balance).

Perfect, got it and thanks for the help.