Serial # is on another incontrol system

I bought 2 units at the same time from Amazon. Order # 114-8818997-1617811. One was easily added to my incontrol. The other is saying it exists in another system. These were supposed to be new units. Serial # 2939-AD35-B661. Please advise.
Thank you.

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I have a device that was installed at a business by an unknown vendor, and Peplink will not tell me who sold that device to this business. Peplink refuses to disclose who sold their devices.

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I find myself in the same situation. I was trying to buy brand new equipment from Peplink but they don’t have stock of the models I need, and haven’t for some time so I was forced to buy second-hand equipment off eBay. Everything has gone well with the purchase of the second-hand equipment and everything works great except that I can’t add any of these devices to my InControl2 account because all of them are registered on the original owner’s accounts. One eBay seller responded to my request and removed the hardware from his InControl2 account but the rest have ignored my messages.

If was trying to do things on the cheap and cut corners I could understand Peplink not providing any support but in this situation, even though my preference was to purchase new equipment I had no choice other than to source the hardware I needed anyway I could. The way I see it is that Peplink has failed me twice, they don’t have stock of the new equipment I need and when I find another source and am willing to pay for InControl2 subscriptions they don’t allow me to register second-hand equipment. I would even be willing to pay a small transfer fee that would cover the cost of the Peplink support person’s time to send a message to the registered owner [on their system] and request removal of the device and if there was no response or the account was inactive, they could force the removal from the old account. No, I don’t want to argue the details, I’m just illustrating my point. Ultimately this is about customer service and I feel my request has merit. If Peplink doesn’t want to help its customers in these challenging, post COVID, supply-chain mayhem times then that is going to hurt their business. Look after the customer [when a fair request is made]!