Seperate DHCP Server in VLAN of Mediafast 500

Hi there,
I am configuring 4 VLANS all trunked by a single port from an SD switch to a Ruckus 48 port switch:
VLAN 10 -
VLAN 1 untagged native
VLAN30- 192.168.33/23

All networks work well using DHCP from the MF500. VLAN30 has it’s own DHCP server at , I can see VLAN30 clients in the switch’s client list so its seems the 802.1Q trunking is all good and the vlan30 clients are joining the L3 broadcast domain, but not reaching the gateway on the MF500 router, and I cannot ping any VLAN30 endpoints from the MF router. I’ve looked at adding dhcp relay but this seems to be for clients an seperate l3 networks to all reach one dhcp server. Thanks for any help.