Separating Downloads and Web Browsing


Hi ,

Do you have any idea how to separate Downloads from regular Web browsing on Peplink ?
for example in case of having two WAN links , dedicate WAN 1 to download and WAN 2 to Web browsing. Personally didn’t find any solution cause both of theses activities use TCP port 80.

Is there any Idea ??:confused:



Hi Hootan,

Good question, but I cannot think of any way to identify http “download” traffic from http web browsing traffic.



I’m thinking about separating these traffics using source port number from different applications or what if Peplink creates a custom software for downloads , something like the Peplink’s bandwidth test utility which always uses a specific source port ranges for downloads up to 16 sessions. then clients can separate download and web browsing using outbound rules and source port parameters.
what’s your idea ??



Hi Hootan, I do not think this is possible but let us know if you have any luck…