Separate Link Failure Detection time settings per WAN


We use Speedfusion for voice connections between offices, and love the quality we get when we have the Link Failure Detection Time set to 1 seconds. We barely notice if our main internet fails and we move over to the cellular back-up.
The issue we are having is this uses almost 4 GB of data a month alone in just keep alive checks on our cellular data, even when we don’t have a failure.
We would love to be able to set this extreme check only on the main WAN connection, and reduce the detection on just the cellular side.
Is this a possibilty already, or can we request it for a feature request?

Thank you,
Walter Reed


Sure this is a valid feature request. We will figure out a solution for this scenario but probably we can’t catch the next major firmware release because we are finalizing the firmware now. May be after the next release. Stay tuned.


+1 for this!

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Hi Steve,

I’m just wondering if there is any new information on this request?

Would be a neat feature for Speed Fusion :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance.

Kind regards.

Any update on this feature request Steve? In fact any hint yet of new SpeedFusion capabilities coming in FW9?

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