Sensor to monitor temperature



a customer is requesting us a solution based on mobile routers. The router will be installed on a track transporting food and beverages. They would complete the solution with sensors to monitor the temperature of the different part inside the track. Is there already in place something we could leverage on? Thanks in advance



Hi Riccardo,
I am unsure if this is the solution you’re looking for but InControl2 will display the device temperature within the device details.

Thank you


Riccardo. I can help with refrigerated vehicle temperature monitoring. How many trucks?


Hi Martin, the 1st phase of project is for 20 food delivery services EVs.
We have already an IoT solution, but we were wondering if any already tested with or by Peplink.



Oh OK. if you have a solution already there is not much I can do. Any IP based IoT temp monitoring solution will work fine of course.

Good luck! Sounds like an interesting project.