Sending SMS command to BR1 while LTE in "Obtaining IP" status

A SIM card that can be connected to only a Private APN is plugged into BR1 with factory default settings. So We see BR1 is trying to connect to the default APN and appear “Obtaining IP” on the dashboard. In this situation, we can not send an SMS command to BR1.

After we configured the Private APN, LTE is being connected, SMS sending is successful.

The Customer would like to send an untouched BR1 box and SIM card to the Branch.
An Employee of the Branch will plug the SIM card into the BR1. Then HQ will send SMS commands to set APN, PAP username&password. So BR1 will be connected, obtained an IP, and accessible by Incontrol.
Im worried, in which cases we can send SMS to BR1, It seems we can only send SMS command when LTE connected status.
What is your comment?

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We could also use this.